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Augmented Pedals

Helping People Get Around !

Power in Motion


Our Mission is to produce, sell and support the finest enclosed augmented pedal vehicles.

Helping our crowded planet and improving people’s health through increased fitness.
Vehicles that can be recharged from Solar and have almost NO carbon footprint or ongoing fuel costs.

Our vehicles can transport people and cargo on most roadways at the same speed as other traffic.

Legally e-augmented speeds in excess of 28 mph requires pedaling.  

Speeds in excess of 70 mph have been demonstrated.

When traveling above 25 mph, potentially overcoming air resistance could consume most of any additional power applied.

An all-weather enclosed aerodynamic vehicle can reach speeds in excess of 50 mph on less than 750 watts, without e-assist.

Providing 4 : 1 pedal augmentation can result in a 28+ mph pedal vehicle most people can enjoy.

I have built vehicles with over 300 miles range.

2019 eTrikes are in development.


We are well into the process of design and sourcing the major components for our technology demonstrator.
We are looking for partners with manufacturing experience.  CNC, 3D printing, carbon fiber and vacuum forming production.

There have been other recent examples of some of these ideas.  Some produced at a cost of more than $100,000.

Augmented Pedals plans a limited 2018 production.  Made  in The USA.
Thanks for your interest,

Ronald Shelffo