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2018 PIM ebikes

Body Float

Augmented Pedals

Helping People Get Around !


 September 2018 Update.

Polaris has gotten out of the ebike market to focus on their core recreational products.  http://www.polaris.com/en-us

We now have direct access to their entire eBike product line with significant component upgrades.

https://www.pimbicycles.com/collections/electric-bicycles  The Archer is the Premium line but all are available.

The bikes are manufactured by Power in Motion and we have 300 bikes in stock in Seattle at Pre Tariff prices!

Demo bikes in Denver Now.

​Get yours now before they are $500 more!!

Class 1,2,3 and Off-road settings let you decide. 

Optional thumb throttle.

You will not find comparable complete eBikes at our price which is too low to advertise.    Call 720 496-7353

Motor: 750w custom PIM direct drive hub motor
Battery: 48 volts 8ah
Charge Time: 4-6 hours
Top Speed: 25+mph
Range: Average 20-50 miles
Full LCD display provides: MPH/Km, odometer, battery level, elapsed ride time, control over 5 levels of pedal assist, and back lit.
Regenerative braking.

Frame:  Aluminum High Step Frame Red or Black
Fork: Magura  TS4
Wheels: Kore 27.5-inch alloy rims with oversized spokes
Tires: Kenda Kadre Sport tire 27.5” x 2.20”

Schwalbe 2.4" or 2.8" Street Moto X available AS shown above
Shifters: 8 Speed SRAM
Derailleur: SRAM X7
Brakes: Magura MT4E hydraulic disc brakes
Brake Rotors: 180mm front and rear
Pedals: Kore platforms
Stem: Alloy, 75mm long
Grips:  Kore rubber grips
Seat: Kore
Gross Load Capacity: 250lbs
Bike Weight: 50lbs

ALSO have:

Frame:  Black mid step aluminum frame
Fork: Rockshox Recon
Wheels: Alex 27.5-inch alloy rims with oversized spokes
Tires: Kenda PIM tire 27.5” x 2.10”
Shifters: 8 Speed SRAM
Derailleur: SRAM X7
Brakes: Mugura MT4E hydraulic disc brakes
Brake Rotors: 180mm front and rear
Pedals: Kore platforms
Stem: Alloy, 75mm long
Grips:  Kore rubber grips
Seat: Kore


CUSTOM Built Ebikes and Trikes

I am a US Navy Veteran, chief electronics technician, electrical engineer, technology consultant and the principal of Augmented Pedals and a Partner at Pedigree Cycles of Denver.


I have been custom building, riding, selling and supporting fast legal eBikes and eTrikes for over 15 years now.

Vehicles that do not require a title, registration, insurance or a drivers license to operate.

Transportation that can be pedaled well past the 20 mph Florida limit for an eBike with a throttle.

Some large enough for passengers and cargo.
Ranges up to 300 miles.

Over-engineered to last for years.

I can custom build your dream augmented pedal vehicle.

Though getting better all the time, MANY new factory eBikes purchased can fail quickly with moderate to heavy use. 


Yes even the $10k+ ones !

AND good luck with the $2-$3,000 ones.

Many last just past the 1 or 2 year warranty with moderate use.

Poor design and inexpensive parts.

 They just wear out.

Battery packs that are only 4 or 5 cells in parallel.

(Using 80 or 100% of thier cell's rated power / capacity)

Geared eMotors wear and make noise.

Brushed eMotors have wear replacement parts. 

Mid-drives sending power through even heavy duty chains and derailleur gears is a bad idea.

Most Li Ion packs are only 4 cheap cells in parallel and only warrantied for 1 year. 

I advocate a combination of being able to pedal to 30+mph and a fast efficient Direct drive hub motor. Extremely low maintenance and long life.

I mostly use vendors with a 5 year or longer warranty.

I over-engineer my battery packs to allow actual 2,000+ cycles.

using only 10-60% of rated cell specs.  Charging to 70-80% most of the time.  

60% when stored.  Only Charging to 100% when required.

Real Dependable Transportation, not a Toy.

I may be able to install powered hub(s) or mid-drive on on your existing bike / trike 

or I have access to:

Up to lifetime warranties

Titanium or Chromoly frames 
9-18 speed pedal or hub transmissions

Crank x2.5 Speed drives
Pedal to 50+ mph (without e-assist)

Belt or Shaft drives

DOT rated tubeless moped rims and tires

Hydraulic anti-lock disc brakes
Adjustable full suspension and shocks
Lighting and turn signals

Locking Storage

Alarm/GPS Locator

Collision detection /  avoidance
Fully Enclosed Vehicle options

Roll Cage, Seatbelts, Airbags

OEM ~ Dealer for:

Luna Cycle


Grin Technologies
All Cell


Access to any part available through US bicycle distribution.

New - Advanced 14S9P 58.8v up to 43.2ah 21700 packs 


Compression fit construction allows single cell repairs.

​3x3 blocks of cells is a great form factor for assembly and repair.

BMS monitoring each fused cell with customizable wifi/bluetooth/ant+ interface displaying and recording time, temps, voltage, current, bidirectional mah and state of charge. 

10 year /10,000 cycle storage.

Can record gps position, speed, accelerometer and connect via LTE. 

Links to other Ant+ data such as human power input and heart rate.

Over-engineered packs for longest life.

Charge to 54.6v normally.

Fully charge only when needed.