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Dear [Principal, CTO, CIO]:

I am writing to introduce myself as a technologist specializing in the integration of process and hardware advances for business.  Helping YOU make new technologies work.

As you can see from my attached resume, I am perfect for your business because:

I am a Navy Veteran and Electronics Technician with over 40 yrs. experience.

I have experience in heating and cooling, power conditioning and backup, building access  controls and

automation, IP and thermal cameras, NVR, data-centers, firewalls, routers, switches, data circuits and

RF, PBX, VoIP, data encryption, 3D scanning and printing.

I have worked with businesses from small to global.

I am highly skilled in critical thinking, problem solving, troubleshooting and repair, process development and legacy Systems integration.

I have the ability to successfully complete the most challenging projects on time and budget.
You will find me a very hard-working individual that will help you make technology work and your business more profitable.

I welcome the opportunity to meet in person to hear about your technology challenges.

Thank you for taking the time to review my resume.  If there are any questions you may feel free to contact me via phone at 720.964.7353 or e-mail


Ronald Shelffo

2017 Resume

Technology Consultant
Extensive knowledge and understanding of business systems, processes and applications. Proficient at integrating and leveraging new technologies with legacy systems to gain competitive advantage.   Proven ability to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair complex technical issues.  Perform internal control and process reviews.  Develop and manage projects to implement solutions.

Technical Skills
Network Design ♦ UNIX ♦ Microsoft  ♦ Citrix ♦ LINUX ♦ AIX ♦ TCP/IP v4/v6 ♦ DNS ♦ DHCP ♦ Cisco ♦ Sonicwall ♦ Mobotix ♦ Telephone, PBX, VoIP and Cellular ♦ RFID ♦ Wi-Fi ♦ Bluetooth ♦ Specialized RF Communications Devices and Sensors ♦ CCTV, IP Cameras, DVR and NVR ♦ Building Security, Access Controls and Automation ♦ Environment and Grounding ♦ Power Distribution, Backup and Management, ♦ Equipment Enclosures, Cabinets, Racks, Patch Panels ♦  Cable Management, Labeling and Wire-mapping ♦ Coax, Twisted Pair and Fiber Optic Cable White Glove Installation and Termination ♦ Reading Schematics and Blueprints ♦ RF, Cable and Optical Tester/Cert ♦ Soldering and Component-Level Repair


Developed, designed, updated and implemented business process, data network, communication and technology solutions to resolve issues and maximize performance.

Provided training, monitored and managed  systems and user issues.

Installed, configured, and maintained various data circuits, routers, switches, patch panels, servers, storage, cameras and specialized network devices.

User interfaces including workstation, desktop, thin client, laptop, tablet, smart phone and custom devices. printers, scanners, keypads, fingerprint, face and iris readers.

Kiosk, media walls, players and appliances.  3D scanning and printing.

Provided support for user and system issues, root cause analysis and prompt remediation.

Strong manager, team builder and problem solver.

                                                                                       Work History

Technology Consultant               Ronald Shelffo Consulting                   1997-present

                                                      Education and Training

Security +
SQL Server 2012 Datacenter
T-SQL Scripting 
Windows Server 2012 Enterprise
Windows 10 Enterprise
Microsoft Certified Professional
Sonicwall Security Expert
Mobotix Solutions Provider
Renewable Power Generation and Storage
E7 Chief Electronics Technician 

​​​2014 Resume                                                                                                                                                                                       

Objective:  I desire a challenging rewarding opportunity to use my education and experience in developing and integrating new technologies to help save individuals and companies time and money through process and technology advances.

Summary:  An aggressive, outgoing, self-starter with over forty years of experience in every facet of electronic workflow and communications.  Hallmark is making new technology work, on time and under-budget.  Specialties include troubleshooting and repair, process re-engineering, Internet security and legacy systems integration.  A team builder with excellent communication and administrative skills.  Recent experience in solar & wind power generation and energy storage, Li-Ion batteries, electric vehicles, tricycles & bicycles, CCTV, network & digital video recorders, analog and IP cameras & sensors, low voltage structured cabling, last mile broadband, 802.11ac/y/mesh.  Mobotix solutions provider.  Unix, Windows, Mac, Android, IOS and Linux fluent.

Technical Certifications:
Mobotix IP cameras, basic and advanced installer / systems administrator
SonicWall Security Expert
Microsoft Certified Professional
Citrix Winframe v1.6 Administrator
IBM AIX v3.5.1 Advanced Administrator
US Navy E-7 Chief Electronic Technician tests.
1st Class FCC license with Radar and Broadcast endorsements
3rd Class FCC license with Broadcast endorsement


Windows 10

Windows Server 2012 Enterprise
Windows SQL 2012
Windows Office 2013
Windows 8.1
Microsoft Windows7, Office 2010
Checkpoint F1
Cisco ICND 2
Microsoft Windows XP, Professional and Home
Microsoft Office XP
Microsoft MCSE Windows 2000, Office 2000
Microsoft Small Business Server v4.5
Citrix Metaframe / Microsoft Terminal server
Microsoft MCSE + Internet v4
Microsoft BackOffice v4 Administrator
Lotus Notes v4 Administrator
Citrix Winframe v1.6 Administrator
IBM AIX v3.5.1 Advanced Systems Administration
ATT PBX Administrator G3v4
Microsoft Office v4.3, Win95, NT 3.51
WCS-3 Satellite communications systems.  Theory, operation and troubleshooting.  Transceivers, syncro/servo, gyro and antenna positioning systems.
Xerox 820 technician / administrator.  Intel / CPM workstations, ethercom networking, hubs, repeaters, bridges and routers.  Unix file servers.
Micro-miniature electronic repair, Certified Level E.  Used 2M stations to repair multi-layered circuit board foil runs.  Replaced VLSI modules, ICs and discrete components.  Maintained and calibrated test equipment.  Troubleshot and effected repairs.  Maintained certification for 5 yrs.
US Navy "C" schools.  Trained in various cryptographic and communications systems.  Top Secret Security Clearance.  VLF-SHF, AM, FM, PCM, narrowband, spread spectrum, satellite and laser transceivers.  Frame relay, T1, Sonet, SS7.  Systems operation, troubleshooting and component level repair.
US Navy Electronic Technician training. Basic electricity and electronics.  Analog and digital systems, radar and communications systems, theory and operations, troubleshooting and component level repair.
Graduated East High School, Columbus, IN.  Majored in math, science and music arts. 


1997-Present  Technology Consultant.  Specializing in workflow analysis, process engineering, planning, procuring, installation, configuration, documentation, training and support of new information and communications systems.  Experience in Microsoft, Citrix, Unix, Linux, AIX, NetWare and OS2.  Install access controls, RFID, Mega-Pixel IP cameras and network digital video recorders. Perform troubleshooting, repairs and upgrades.  Plan for support and provide training. Custom building and supporting electrically augmented bikes and trikes since 2000. 

May 1993-Dec 1997    Technology and Communications Manager.  Cummins S.E. Power, Inc. Tampa, FL.  Responsible for networking, PBX, personal computers, laptops and software for a company of 250 employees in eleven locations.  Transitioned the company from stand-alone DOS/286 PCs to a networked Windows environment.  Developed a TCP/IP based network with the following operating systems and components:  AIX, XENIX, NT Servers, Windows 3.1, Internet/Intranet, IBM 9220 Mainframe, and Citrix Winframe. Selected and trained 20 branch personnel as first level systems support, electronic help desk, issue tracking, maintenance, repair and disaster recovery planning. In 1993 managed EDI deployment to our distribution channel.  Installed and configured an 8 line Xenix / MVS gateway and client software on over 120 Cummins dealer Windows PCs that enabled electronic commerce.   Within three months, CSPI was #1 of 27 North American Cummins distributors in transactions, with over 5 times the national average.  In Dec 1997 EDI sales transactions were over $1m a month.  System was repurposed in 2010 and still in use.  Developed and deployed high-speed workstations with Cummins electronic parts catalog on CD-ROMs enabling new personnel to find the right parts quickly.  Deployed electronic shop tools to troubleshoot and repair Cummins engines.  Branch office support included installation and training on Windows 95 PCs, MS Office, Notes, Corel, Photoshop, AutoCAD and numerous custom applications.  Worked with a variety of devices including CDPD modems, cell phones, beepers, VHF radios, faxes, color printers, scanners, and touch screens.  Helped Cummins Engine Co. develop and beta test various electronic tools and sales force applications.

Apr 1989-May 1993   Parts and Marketing Manager.  Cummins S.E. Power Inc. Tampa. FL.  Managed two parts clerks and inventory of approximately $600k at the Tampa repair shop.  Marketing Manager for the Tampa Area with 30 dealer locations and 100+ dealer parts salesman.  Held sales training on “Why Buy Genuine” "Life Cycle Coste" “Features and Benefits”.  Ran promotions and purchased advertising.  Assisted dealer salesman with Sales Calls.   Consistently exceeded  goals.  My 1993 sales goal was $7.2m.

Jun 1988-Apr 1989    Insurance Broker, Self-employed.  Ft. Wayne, IN.  Completed requirements and passed Indiana state insurance exams.  Became a licensed agent, offering policies for Accident, Life and Health insurance.  Certified financial planner.  Had agent contracts with several insurance companies.  Designed and implemented marketing and direct mail campaigns, successfully achieving an 18% return rate on the best one.  Provided needs assessment via in-home interviews (all cold calls) to determine the best coverage/program available, closed, submitted applications, delivered and endorsed new policies.

Nov 1986-Jun 1988       US Navy ET1 E-6 Navy Recruiter, Ft. Wayne, IN.  Recruited and processed naval applicants.  Substitute HS teacher, 10-12 grade level, several days a month.  Public speaking and presentations.  Averaged 200% of monthly goals.

Oct 1984-Nov 1986       US Navy ET2 E-5 Workcenter Supervisor, Navcams Westpac, Guam.  Managed 50 technicians, cryptographic repair center.  Responsible for over 7,000 pieces of equipment.  Workcenter achieved 100% circuit uptime for the entire period.  Additionally rebuilt the inoperative base HF MARS communications station, transceivers, teletypes and a beam antenna system.  Station had not been fully operational in over 10 years.  Established reliable daily voice and data communications with stations in the USA, at virtually no cost, using surplus parts.  Also repaired the Seabee MARS station, which had been inop for 4 years.  Managed a $500,000 command and control project for the security department/base defense force.  Including needs assessment, design, systems procurement and implementation.  Portable units featured GPS location and secure voice/data communications, NSA approved interface with existing command circuits.  Designed and supervised conversion of a new Dodge van into a Base Defense Mobile Command Center.  Project completed at 50% of initial budget.  Concept to deployment in 23 days. Received personal Presidential recognition for this contribution, which helped NAVCAMS to receive the “Best Base in the NAVY” award in 1985.  Top Secret Security Clearance.  In 1986 I was appointed arms, ammunition and explosives officer, chief master-at-arms and assistant security officer.

May 1981-Oct 1984        US Navy ET3 E-4, Shipboard Crewmember and Repair Technician. USS Saginaw, LST-1188.  In 1984 responsible for all radar, communications, cryptography, sonar, GPS, Ioran, navigation, fire-control and electronic warfare.  Qualified as Officer of the Deck, both in-port and underway.  Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist, Expert rifle and pistol, Member of the ships defense force and intelligence teams.  Top Secret Security Clearance.  As Senior Technician, desired, designed, procured, installed, operated, and maintained a new $14,000 2kw HF Communications system. After finding $250k of welfare and recreation funds available, I persuaded the funds for a new MARS station to enable reliable telephone patches for shipboard personnel when deployed.  I purchased Drake transceiver, amplifier and antenna coupler.  Handcrafted longwire transmit antenna, amplified ship's existing dual HF receive antenna stack and enabled almost daily phone calls home from around the world.   I was sighted by commendation for the best MARS platform afloat in 1984 by the Commander 6th Fleet.  A real-life ET phoning home.  In 1982 we landed Marines at Beirut Lebanon under-fire.  This has recently been re-classified as combat duty.  Routinely called on to assist other workcenters and Commands with troubleshooting and repairs, often to repair equipment I had never seen before.

References available upon request.