The Mission here is to Create, Produce, Sell And Support Augmented Pedal Vehicles.

Helping our dirty planet while improving people’s health and fitness.
Vehicles that can be recharged from Solar and have almost NO carbon footprint or ongoing fuel costs.

Vehicles capable of transporting people and cargo on most roadways at the same speed as cars.

Speeds in excess of 200mph using only human power have been recorded!

In many jurisdictions, speeds in excess of 20 mph requires pedaling or a drivers, moped, motorcycle license and registration.

When traveling above 25 mph, potentially overcoming air resistance could consume most of any additional power applied.

An all-weather enclosed aerodynamic vehicle can reach speeds in excess of 50 mph on less than 750 watts, with 2:1 e-assist.

A 4:1 pedal augmentation can result in a 28+ mph pedal vehicle anyone can enjoy.

600+ miles of range is now possible.

A true automobile replacement for some.

2022 Enclosed Vehicles are in development.

 Back to the design and sourcing of major components for technology demonstrators, now that the Covid emergency is almost over.

Thanks for your interest!

Ronald Shelffo


Augmented Pedals

​Denver, Colorado

A Veteran owned small business.

Augmented Pedals

​​Helping People Get Around !

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