Over 1kw battery, second battery option.

CUSTOM Built Ebikes and Trikes

I am a US Navy Veteran, chief electronics technician, electrical engineer, technology consultant, the Principal of Augmented Pedals located in Edgewater, Colorado.


I have been custom building, riding, selling and supporting fast quasi-legal eBikes and eTrikes for over 25 years now.

Vehicles that do not require a title, registration, insurance or a drivers license to operate.

Transportation that can be pedaled well past the 20 mph limit for an eBike with a throttle.

Some large enough for passengers and cargo.
Ranges up to 300 miles.

Over-engineered to last for years.

I can custom build your dream augmented pedal vehicle.

Though getting better all the time, MANY new factory eBikes purchased can fail quickly with moderate to heavy use. 


Yes even the $10k+ ones !

AND good luck with the $2-$3,000 ones.

Many last just past the 1 or 2 year warranty with moderate use.

Poor design and inexpensive parts.

 They just wear out.

Battery packs that are only a few cells in parallel.

Using 100% of your cell's rated power/capacity every time.

Most geared eMotors can wear and make noise.

Though I have had success recently with the Grin GMAC.

Brushed eMotors have wear replacement parts. 

Mid-drives sending power through even heavy derailleur gears and chains is a bad idea.

Mid drives using a belt, fixie chain or shaft drive can last.

Most Li Ion packs are only 3-4 cheap cells in parallel and only warrantied for 1 year. 

I advocate a combination of being able to pedal to 30+mph and a fast efficient Direct drive hub motor. Extremely low maintenance and long life.

I mostly use vendors with a 2-5 year or longer warranty.

I over-engineer my battery packs to allow actual 2,000+ cycles.

using only 85% of rated cell specs.  Charging to 85% most of the time.  

50% when stored.  Only Charging to 100% just before required.

Real Dependable Transportation, not a Toy.

I may be able to install powered hub(s) or mid-drive on on your existing bike / trike 

or I have access to:

Up to lifetime warranties

Titanium or Chromoly frames 
9-18 speed pedal or hub transmissions

Pedal mounted x2.5 Speed drives
Pedal to 50+ mph (without e-assist)

Belt or Shaft drives

DOT rated tubeless moped rims and tires

Hydraulic anti-lock disc brakes
Adjustable full suspension and shocks
Lighting and turn signals

Locking Storage

Alarm/GPS Locator

Collision detection /  avoidance
Fully Enclosed Vehicle options

Roll Cage, Seatbelts, Airbags

OEM ~ Dealer for:


Luna Cycle


Grin Technologies
All Cell


Access to any part available through US bicycle distribution.

Augmented Pedals

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